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Teknik is Shutting Down

It's with a heavy heart that due to the upkeep costs (both monetary and time), I will be shutting down Teknik permanently, effective January 31st. Any data that has been uploaded to Teknik will be deleted and no longer accessible after that date. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • File Uploads
  • Vaults
  • Pastes
  • Shortened URLs
  • Git Repositories
  • Emails
  • Podcasts

If you want to retain any of this data, please download it before January 31st to ensure you have it before it's deleted.

For our Email Service, we will be offering mail forwarding for your address to another non-Teknik address until June 1st. If you would like to have your Teknik email address forwarded, please send an email to support@teknik.io from the address you want forwarded, and include the address to forward to in the email. This information must be submitted before January 31st, as you will lose access to send from your Teknik email on that date.

For any paid subscriptions, we will be refunding any yearly subscriptions that are active, and canceling any re-occurring payments. For re-occurring donations, we will be shutting those down, or reaching out to those that make them to ensure they don't send any more.

It has been a great 10 years, and I wish it didn't have to end this way. I hope that we have been able to be of assistance to you.

Yours truly,

  • Uncled1023

Looking for Potential Buyer

Hello All,

Sadly, it has come to the point where I do not have the time nor energy to invest in Teknik as much as it deserves. So I am now actively looking for a potential buyer to takeover operations and development of Teknik.

If you or know someone that would be interested, feel free to email me at admin@teknik.io.

Thank you!

  • Uncled1023

Auth Tokens for API Access

Back in the day, there used to be Authentication Tokens that you could use when using the API to associate your account with the upload/paste/url. With the change to our authentication system, those dissapeared.

Now I am pleased to announce that they are back! You can visit your Auth Tokens Settings to generate a token. This can be used to access the API instead of OAuth as a simple header Authentication token. You can view more about it on the API Help Page.

Subscriptions, Premium Accounts, and You

Update - Subscriptions are now Live!

Hello all, some exciting updates!

Firstly, after quite some time of thinking, tinkering, and building, I have implemented a new subscription service to handle Upload Storage upgrades, Email Accounts, and any future premium features.

Reasoning for this change? For one, donations do not cover the costs of the server utilization. Both the increase in storage utilization, and bandwidth. I wanted to create a subscription model that both was affordable, but also covered the server costs without having to remove functionality for free users.

This is the new subscription model going forward: Subscription Information

Upload Limits

5 GB Storage - Free

10 GB Storage - $0.99 / Month

50 GB Storage - $3.99 / Month

100 GB Storage - $5.99 / Month


1 GB Storage - $1.99 / Month

5 GB Storage - $3.99 / Month

As for Premium Accounts, they will be discontinued. All current Premium users will retain their emails, and upload storage limit will become 10 GB, until they subscribe to any of the subscriptions. This will reset the limits for uploads, and enforce the email subscription requirement for an email account.

As of now, Premium Upgrades via donations are no longer accepted, and subscriptions will become available on December 1st, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message!

- Uncled1023

Planned Maintenance for 13-08-2021 @ 8:00am PST - Restored

On Friday, August 13th, starting at about 8am PST, we will be upgrading our storage system. This will require the shutting down of specific services to ensure a clean back-up, and then once the upgrade is complete, restoration from said back-up will take a few hours.

The following services will be down:

  • Uploads - Restored
  • Pastes - Restored
  • Email - Restored
  • Git Repos - Restored

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the result will be a much better system.

I will be updating this post with new information as the upgrade proceeds.

- Uncled1023

Update 8/13 6:00am PST - Services have been shut down to ensure backup is complete before shutdown.

Update 8/13 11:00am PST - Upgrade has been completed and restore has begun.

Update 8/13 2:00pm PST - Restore is taking longer than expected. Nothing wrong, just taking a long time.

Update 8/13 8:00pm PST - Expecting Day(s), not Hour(s) for full service restoration. Focusing on Email first.

Update 8/14 8:46am PST - Turned on email. You may see missing older emails until they are copied over. But new ones will come in.

Update 8/14 11:52am PST - Turned on Git. All repositories should be available now

Update 8/14 10:40pm PST - Paste & Email has been restored.

Update 8/23 12:00pm PST - All systems have been restored.

Framework updated to .NET Core 5.0

Hi all! It's been a hot minute hasn't it?

Well, i've been off and on upgrading the framework to support .NET Core 3.3, then 5.0. This came with a hurdle of completely changing how the URL routing was handled, so I had to redo that. But it ended up being a blessing cause the new method is much cleaner.

As well, upgraded the Identity Server backend to Identity Server 4. Nothing really new from the user's perspective, but just a lot of under-the-hood improvements.

As well, this will let me iterate and develop faster now that the bumps have been smoothed over.

Looking forward to telling you more about what's in store!

  • Uncled1023

CP is bad, mkay

What happened?

So you may have noticed that recently uploads were changed to only be available to logged in users. This was due to some bad actors uploading CP w/o accounts and abusing our good will.

What are you doing about it?

Since then, we have gotten assistance from the Dutch hotline against child sexual abuse (https://www.meldpunt-kinderporno.nl/) in the way of having access to their hash checking service API. (https://www.meldpunt-kinderporno.nl/over-ons/hash-database/) This allows us to compare the hashes of uploads to their database to detect child pornography at the time of upload.

What does this mean for my privacy?

This does not change the fact that we record no IP information. The only data being sent to their server is the SHA1 hash of the file uploaded. If a detection is made, no additional information is logged, just the file is not processed.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or use the contact page.

- Uncled1023

Changes to Terms of Service and Uploads

Hello All! There are a few changes that have been made that you should be aware of.

Terms of Service Changes

Today we changed the terms of service a little bit. You can view the changes made here.

For the most part, we grouped all the services together since they share the same restrictions and clarified some wording.

Upload Changes

As well, we have implemented a total storage limit per account for uploaded files. This should not affect most of the users except for a few outliers.

The limits are now 10 GB for basic users, and 50 GB for premium users. If you are currently over your respective limit, your files will not be deleted, and you can still view/download the files. However, you will be unable to upload any more files until you are under the limit. You can view your total storage usage here.

This may change in the future as use cases change, or better storage solutions are created.

- Uncled1023

Service Interruption - 17/11/2019

Earlier today, the server restarted abruptly, causing a database corruption to the Git and Mail Server databases. The data itself was not harmed, but the entire database had to be reinstalled.

The database was successfully reinstalled and all data was restored for the services. All should be good now!

Changes to Git

I have finally gotten the new authentication system to work with the git service.

Some of the changes include:

  • No longer having a separate 2-FA for your git, that is managed by the main authentication system and settings here.
  • No longer reliant on having a Teknik email account to utilize git.
  • Near automatic login if you are logged into the auth server.

There is a one time migration step that is required though:

  1. Once you login, it will ask you to link your current account. Use the same credentials as your Teknik Account.

And that should be it!