Overdosing on Free Time

The wait, the perpetual wait for my school program to begin is progressing at the slowest rate that this continuum's time dilation affords. As a Super Power I would probably rate my ability to sit on my ass and just plain wait is at Super Human levels, yet... I'm fucking going nuts over here.

Some days I go to the gym, get a long workout in and then, from sheer boredom will go back to the gym four hours later. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love working out, I feel worse (physically and mentally) when I don't go but it's become just something to get out of the house at the rate I'm attending. I am, for all intents and purposes, manufacturing micro-goals to feel accomplished and to not feel I'm existing by default.

School or work or a hobby - you can't expect me to wait for you any longer. I need you now, bruh.

Take Two

I've always started blogging with good intentions but all I manage to do is go about it with fits and starts. I'm resolving to begin regurgitating my thoughts and words here once again. It's a compulsion I haven't acted upon for quite some time

RIP unixcult.com 2013 - 2015

I closed up shop on my unixcult domain today. I simply wasn't feeling it and thought it ran it's course. I may or my not put some effort in to harkonnen.org and/or systema_perimetr.com. For now I'm holding the fort down here and will proceed to post personal blog updates and my music production work.