Hi there, im Imeguras

Hi there,

If you're wondering, welcome to my personal space here you'll find the status of my projects, ideas, or even personal things.

The pilot:

I'll try to keep it at a moderately professional tone but i tipically swear quite frequently, plus i tend to say arbitrary things when im distracted so beware of slang's, inner jokes, word cramming and badly written "articles".

About me

Im a caucasian guy of portuguese descent, that currently is taking a degree in Engenharia Informática (which translates in laymen terms to IT), I come from a average middle wage family, i participated in some projects related to this field, one of which national based

My favourite language for now is C as its very simple to understand and it in my opinion has the correct "level" of abstraction. I've worked with various types of "coding structures" in the past from doing a bunch of spaghetti to interacting with de normalized messy and "huge databases" to attempting to code image libraries and algorithms

I think that telling the languages you worked with in the past is irrelevant as you get to a certain point where a language is just a tool you use, but i've started coding Minecraft mods in java at age 12-14 got bored since i couldn't do much other than copy pasta, then learned C# for unity3d, learned some lua, javascript, some php, some python, "learned" C. In scripting i typically work with Linux shell, I also worked with various data base systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL and some "Company Developed Solutions" like Primavera. I also worked with R and Scilab(Im poor and so is my college so no MathLab). I'm trying to learn new concepts like functional language's as this is very opposed to my "favourite paradigm" of imperative language.


The git i tippically use to do version control and backup stuff is github, also before someone rambles about "your gits are full of trash and you don't do proper naming of commits", typically when something is running or i deem it "finished" i will do a proper naming and merge it with the main branch otherwise something's broke and im only using git as a way to both track progress and as a way to backup data.


I'm present in various stack's there although i tippically hang more on the native SO, Finance and Linux, here's the Stack Overflow Account if you feel like judging me for browsing solutions and still managing to do it worse than a frustrated and bored IT guy did

Here's a code for my flair

<a href="https://stackexchange.com/users/11299410/imeguras">
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I have two mails open to public emails

  • imeguras@teknik.io
  • imeguras@cock.li

may not seem like it but the last one is prized and i don't wanna receive spam neither do i use it as a burner email


yeahh.... i typically don't use them and when i do i don't offer them to "public"

Although if you really want to find me it won't take long to find me somewhere as my digital footprint is huge.