Top 8 Things You Can Do While Traveling on a Long Haul Flight with Spirit Airlines

Just like planning your trip and packing your bags, it is also very important that you plan your inflight journey. Traveling on a flight is always exciting, but it can get pretty boring and messy when you are on a long-haul flight, especially if it’s a 5 to 6 hour journey. The first fifteen minutes of your trip is normal, but as soon as time starts passing and all you can see outside is the sky, it becomes tedious and tiresome. Good for us, there are many ways by which you can skip the boredom by keeping yourself busy during your flight. One of the most important ways to pass your time is by using the inflight entertainment service, but as you might already know, there is no such thing called ‘Inflight Entertainment’ on Spirit Airlines. They provide you with basic services with no back seat TV screen or Wi-FI service on board. For all the details on the carrier, you can contact Spirit Airline through their website or customer care.

There are many tricks or hacks to pass your time and bar yourself from getting bored. Some of the things you can do while you are sitting idle on a long haul flight are:

Watch a Movie or a TV/Web Series

Watching a movie or a TV/Web series is one of the most popular ways of spending your time. You can easily spend around two hours watching a movie, and if Christopher Nolan makes it, you can easily pass up to 2.5 to 3 hours. Since Spirit Airlines lacks an entertainment system, you have to cay your media. Since there is no Wi-Fi available on Spirit Airlines (as of now), you can get your content from Netflix or Amazon using the offline service offered by them. You can use your mobile phone, or an iPad. If you are a large screen person, you can also watch the movie on your laptop that will give you a more cinematic experience.

Finish your Office Project or Homework

We all know that time is very precious and we should not waste it. So why not put this time to good use? Every minute counts when you are running late, and 3 to 4 hours or even five seems like a gift. You can use this time doing a lot of work such as completing your office project, making a presentation, doing your homework, or completing your freelance work. You can also use the time but take the artist out of you by making a sketch, a small painting, writing a book or poem, writing a journal, or even planning your trip ahead.

Read a Book

Books are always your best friend. They do not need any recharging or internet and can be used anywhere. There are specially dedicated reading lights in every aircraft so that you can keep on reading even if it's dark without disturbing your fellow passengers.

As per Spirit Baggage policy, you can only carry one piece of a personal item with you that can be a small backpack, a laptop backpack, a purse, a handbag, or a small camera bag. You can also use an e-Book Reader such as Kindle that is lightweight and will save your space as well. Do remember that e-Book Readers are battery-operated and need recharging. So charge your device before getting on your flight.

Listen to a Podcast or an AudioBook

The trend of listening to a podcast or an audiobook is growing day by day. A podcast is a digital audio file that you can listen to over the internet. These are recorded conversations, stories, episodes, and interviews that are only available in audio format. There are many kinds of podcast player apps such as:

● Pocket Casts ● Google Podcasts ● Apple Music ● Spotify ● Himalaya ● Castro ● Stitcher ● Luminary ● Overcast

Listening to audiobooks may well pass your time as we all increase your knowledge. These are pre-recorded word to word transcriptions of popular books in audio format. You can listen to them using the internet or download them for listening offline when you are on a flight. There are also some free audiobooks that are also available on these platforms, but if you want to listen to some high quality and award-winning audiobooks, you can use these apps:

● Audible ● ● Hoopla ● LibroFM ● Chirp ● Scribd ● LibriVox

Listen to your Music

Listening to your favorite music can calm your mind and soul, especially when you are on a flight. This will also help you get rid of the engine humming noise. There are many music streaming apps that let you listen to and download music so that you can listen to them when you have no internet connection or when you are on a flight. Some of the best music streaming apps are:

● Spotify ● Apple Music ● Amazon Prime Music ● Youtube Music ● Deezer ● Pandora Premium

Learn something new such as the Local Language

Knowing the local language is one of the finest methods to make friends with the local people. So, you can use your free time on the flight to learn a local language. You can use apps such as Duolingo to learn new languages in a smart way. You can also read some books that will help you with the same.

There are multiple benefits of learning the local language. Some of these are:

● You can talk to the locals and engage with them. ● You can understand the road names, signs and use the local guide ● When you try to communicate with people in the local language, they are more likely to assist you. ● It becomes easier and more convenient if you are looking for a job and planning to get into a local university.

Play Games

This is my favorite way of passing my time on a long-haul flight. You can also unleash the gamer in you and play AAA (triple-A) gaming titles on your phone as well as your laptops. I generally get the Big Front Seat through Spirit Airline manage booking option. This gives me a lot of space and a power socket where I can connect my gaming laptop. A long-haul flight of 5-6 hours seems like an hour or two with the best games to play.

Chat With Friends and Family

If you are traveling with your friends or family, you can have a long chat or play some interesting multiplayer games like UNO and pass your time easily. One thing that bothers me about Spirit Airlines is that you can not choose your seat assignment without paying. Normally I don’t choose my seat and leave it to my fate, but when traveling with known people, I use the seat assignment option while doing the Spirit flight check-in. A pro tip for you: If you want to save some money choosing your favorite seat, you should do it online to save some extra cash.