The rise of Man Jiang Hong

There has never been any battlefield in the world as chaotic as the Northeast battlefield now. Two hundred thousand Russian troops are waiting for dawn in the Siping area. Between Tieling and Siping, the main force of the Second Army Group confronts the Japanese army and has to be careful of the Russians. The three main forces of the Japanese army are from Tieling to Fushun, and one group army is in Shenyang. However, it was torn apart by three divisions of the guards, another division of the Japanese army in Liaoyang, two divisions were reinforcing Liaoyang, and the first independent mixed brigade isolated in Dalian was being attacked by the Japanese army. You surrounded me, I surrounded you, and the battle line was so chaotic that it was perhaps the first time in the history of world war. But now, he is in a mess of battlefield, like pulling teeth from the tiger's mouth to get something. According to the enemy's situation report, the Japanese Yalu River Army, the commander of the group army, Kawamura Jingming. He is stepping up the deployment of troops to build fortifications in the direction of Fushun. According to the current Japanese action, he will first build a defensive system to prevent our army from attacking its main force from both sides, and then reinforce the Naimu Group Army. At present, the Yalu River Army is organized into the 11th Division, the 1st Reserve Division, the 16th Reserve Brigade and the 59th Reserve Infantry Regiment, with a strength of about 60,000. Although it is mainly composed of reserve forces, considering that the Yalu River Army has not suffered heavy losses in previous battles,polyfoil tube, its combat effectiveness is strong. From the blue arrows marking the enemy's deployment on the map, Xiao seemed to see with his own eyes that the enemy was deploying troops to build fortifications. He has seen a prelude, a prospect of the enemy making full use of the space area to form an echelon defense. From the enemy's deployment of the first-line defense troops a few days ago, it seems that the Yalu River Army's defense line will not be blocked very much, the question is how many lines of defense their own troops can break through the enemy, which is still uncertain in Xiao's mind. In war, the situation of the enemy and ourselves is ever-changing, and everything has to be flexible. The General Staff rejected Your Majesty's request to completely wipe out the Third Group Army. In the view of the General Staff,plastic laminated tube, Mukden was a decoy, a decoy that attracted the Japanese army from the direction of Tieling to Mukden. It turned offensive warfare into defensive warfare. Compared with the storm, the Guards, which had superior firepower and systematic trench defense theory, had an incomparable advantage over any other country's army. So the staff will choose a more robust way of fighting, but your majesty in his proposal was rejected, but chose to send a secret telegram to Xiao Yiren, he can not interfere with the decision-making of the staff, but can affect the generals at the front. Your Majesty's decree is everything, for Xiao Yiren, between the staff and your Majesty, he chose the latter, the staff is your Majesty's staff, he is also your Majesty's general, must first obey your Majesty. Destroy a group army. There were only a few simple words in the secret telegram sent by His Majesty. Be quick, plastic laminted tube ,pump tube, be ruthless, and let the whole world see the fighting power of the guards. "Sir, according to the aerial reconnaissance of the aircraft, there is a defensive gap of about 5 kilometers between the Second Group Army of Xinchengzi and the Yalu River Army of the old station. If we want to encircle the Yalu River Army, we must use a lot of troops from the Third Division to penetrate through this area and enter the Hengdaohezi and Yingpan areas to prevent the army from retreating northward." When Duan Qirui introduced the battle plan, Xiao Yiren had been thinking about it. In fact, in his heart, he still thought that fighting this battle would be more reluctant. If he led the second legion, maybe the task would be simpler. The second legion was the real army of a hundred battles, but what about the first legion? Only played "war games." According to Chief of Staff Duan's tactics, if the front three divisions and the back three divisions divide their forces equally, what will happen if the outflanking troops can't get through and the frontal attack force is insufficient? An officer raised his own doubts, but there was a trace of dissatisfaction in his eyebrows. After all, Duan Qirui was not a Whampoa, or even a recovery officer, but an official of the former Qing Dynasty. For the Guards Army, which emphasized "purity within the system", this may be the reason why most people did not agree with him. But Yu Zhucheng, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division of the Guards Army, who had been silent all the time, stood up and replied with righteous words. "If three divisions can't get in, how many divisions will it take?"? Give me two divisions and a heavy force regiment, and I promise to go in, sir. Then he cast his eyes on the commander, who was asking for strategic command. Whether it was the Recovery Army in the past or the Guards Army in the present, the division was the largest organization, and the corps and corps were strategic units, which could only be organized in wartime. It was a key point in the study of the military system during the period of the Recovery Army to prevent possible mutinies of troops led by chief officers within the system, and so was the wartime organization of such strategic units. Corps commanders are usually dispatched by the staff headquarters, and the chief officer only needs to carry a group of staff officers and service officers to take office. The staff headquarters will mobilize divisions and regiments to organize them into corps of different sizes, and the corps commander can temporarily organize them into a provisional army according to the changes in the battlefield. What Yu Zhucheng wants now is the command of this provisional army. Yu Dao Zi Smiling at Yu Zhucheng, Xiao's face was full of intimacy. He liked the knife. How many days can you get two divisions behind enemy lines? Yu Zhucheng walked to the front of the map, looked at the distance, and then opened his mouth and said. Report, sir, considering other factors, it will take two days at the soonest. "What if I want to gnaw away the main force of the Yalu River Army in two days?" The officers in the headquarters were surprised at the same time by Xiao's tenacious voice. They didn't expect the commander to have the idea of gnawing away the Yalu River Army in two days. And Duan Qirui is a look of disbelief, he looked at Xiao Yiren, he knew that the commander Xiao from Virginia Military Academy, is your majesty's confidant, two people have known each other as early as before the establishment of the industrial company, for Whampoa students, he and your majesty is a director, a principal, and Xiao Yiren in the students, will constantly tell them. As far as officers are concerned, the first is confidence in victory, the second is confidence in victory,pump tube, and the third is still confidence in victory. An army led by an officer without confidence is an army without confidence to win. An army without confidence cannot win a battle. But confidence is confidence, he can say in two days to gnaw away the Yalu River Army, can really gnaw away them.