Grabbed by the Ghoulies

In 2003 the acclaimed game developer RARE released the game Grabbed by the Ghoulies. The game is very similar to an arcade game with a story thrown in. The main character Cooper is trying to rescue his girlfriend who's been kidnapped inside a haunted mansion. The game consists of you trying to save her while working your way through haunted rooms where you find and fight Ghoolies. These range from skeletons, to ninja imps and medusa herself.

Honestly the gameplay isn't revolutionary, you can pickup a wide array of props like chairs and frying pans to smack the Ghoolies around. Otherwise you're stuck with your fists or the occasional squirt gun to kill them. I don't have the privilege to understand how this game was received in 2003 but Wikipedia doesn't paint a great picture with a metacritic score of 66.

But I quite like the game; it's simple and each room is a small challenge that once beat, leaves you one step closer to finishing the game. The art-style is cell shaded and remains very crisp and appealing. Assuming you have access to the game I think it's worth trying. But keep in mind the gameplay is similar to that of an arcade. It's to be enjoyed but if you're not having fun feel free to walk away.