Email marked as Spam (UPDATED)

So some asshat decided to abuse the free services here and send spam from teknik. This has resulted in our IP being blocked by Google and Microsoft's email servers. I am working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

Please comment here if you know of any other mail services that are blocking your emails.

Update 1: I have contacted Google and Microsoft. Now waiting on their responses. I will also be implementing some sort of verification for registration now. It will prompt you on first login if you already have an account to fill out the verification as well.

Update 2: I have finished speaking with Microsoft and the block has been lifted from the IP. I have also enrolled in Spam notifications to be notified if any of their users mark a teknik email as spam. Hopefully this will help catch any offending accounts faster to prevent this from happening again.

Update 3: Google has now unblocked all emails. There should no longer be any issues.