Teknik Migration Plan

With some stress testing and bug fixes, Teknik v2 is ready for production release. :D

The migration status will happen in a couple stages to help limit the amount of downtime needed of the site. The Mail service, Git, and Mumble will not be affected by the migration.

  1. Disable User Registration
  2. Migrate Podcast, Transaction, and Takedown data to new DB
  3. Disable User Login (for web services)
  4. Migrate Users, Blogs, Posts, and Comments to new DB
  5. Disable pastes and uploads
  6. Migrate Paste and Upload data to new DB
  7. Copy upload files to new storage structure
  8. Point Dev to live server and test functionality
  9. Shut down live website and remove IIS sites
  10. Set new Teknik website as main site in IIS
  11. Test functionality
  12. Re-enable all services

Due to the changes in the database schema as well as technology, the migration of data may take some time. I will be doing a copy, not a move so if anything goes wrong and it will take significantly longer than anticipated, I will re-enable the live site while I work on a fix.