Li Ao has something to say.

Don't think that this kind of kowtow is only for the Kuomintang. In the past, their ancestors also kowtowed to the Japanese. Li Ao, why do you say that? I tell you that the people of Taiwan have been great. After the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, they could not keep Taiwan in the motherland. After the Treaty of Shimonoseki gave Taiwan to Japan (their ancestors kowtowed to the Japanese). It is wrong for everyone to scold Li Hongzhang today. Look at the secret conversation between Li Hongzhang and Ito Hirobumi at that time. When Ito Hirobumi mentioned Taiwan at the very beginning, Li Hongzhang said, "Don't even talk about it. Without this, you can't have Taiwan.". In the end, he was forced to do nothing. In the end, Taiwan was lost. Li Hongzhang told the Japanese that the Taiwanese were very difficult to control and could not be controlled. The Japanese said, "That's our business. If you cede it to me, I'll take care of it.". The Japanese came up, and even the Japanese Major General was killed. Taiwanese are so brave, in order to protect their freedom, protect their national dignity, even when the motherland can not protect them, they are brave to protect themselves. But what about these people? All those who are brave, self-respecting, and love Taiwan, the Taiwanese are not frightened. These people have all been killed. They have all been killed by the Japanese. Who is left? The rest are those people who kowtow to the Japanese. What evidence do you have for Li Ao? Please take a look at Huang Zunxian's book Renjinglu Poetry Grass. There is a poem called Taiwan Travel, isn't it? "Kneel beside the road and bow down." The Japanese troops came over, and the people on both sides knelt there. What were they doing? Kowtow,High Speed Nail Making Machine, kowtow to the Japanese. It was those people who kowtowed that they didn't die. Their sons, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren are alive today, aren't they? Therefore, we praise and admire those heroic martyrs who were killed by the Japanese because they maintained their personal dignity, the dignity of the Taiwanese people and the dignity of the Chinese people, and we salute them. Therefore, I think: Do not think how brave the Taiwanese are. Since he is not so brave,wire nail making machine, what is the purpose of beating him to a pulp? Since he is a dead chicken, why do you kill him with an ox knife? This is why I feel that although the so-called presidential election in Taiwan today has come to an end in the midst of people's doubts and has won or lost, for the motherland, especially for the compatriots of the motherland, for the Party Central Committee of the motherland, and for the leaders of the country, it is necessary to rethink which method should be used to do this. In the process of thinking, don't forget that the vast majority of people in 23000000 of Taiwan are cowards. Don't forget. "Taiwan Independence" Is Just a Dream (1) In this program, I will talk to you more or less about my outlook on life. My outlook on life is full of the first principles of compassion for the world and saving the country and the people in my education. However, if I am really one hundred percent or twenty-four hours at this level, I tell you: you can not see me, I am dead, I am angry to death. So, how can I make myself not angry? How can I not get a stomach ulcer? ? How not to get gastric cancer? ? My method is: I have a relaxed side, a cynical side, iron nail machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, and I don't think it's a big deal. Just as Taiwan has recently elected the so-called president of the Republic of China, everyone has gone crazy, which has also aroused the concern of the motherland and the world. Let's think about Jefferson, the third president of the United States. When he died, he was not allowed to engrave this line on the tombstone. He was not allowed to say that he had been the president of the United States. Why? Who's the president of the United States? It's not worth mentioning. I should do something bigger. Some people do not have Jefferson's ability, but now they have achieved this fact, that is, the president who is still alive in the United States with Alzheimer's disease is called Reagan. Until now, President Reagan has completely forgotten that he was the president of the United States. I think this is a very high level. What have you forgotten? I have forgotten. I think this is a very important mind, but it is not worth talking about. Therefore, today I feel that people who are too happy or sad or worried about the election of the so-called president in Taiwan have gone too far. I recall that four years ago, by chance, I became the so-called presidential candidate of the Taiwan region, and I represented the New Party of China. For your information, I am not a member of the New Party. I have never joined any party in my life, which is what I am proud of all my life. At that time, there was a so-called election communique in Taiwan. Let me show it to you. It's very interesting. Look, the election communique of the tenth "president" and "vice president". In this communique, everyone can see that these people started with James Soong, then Lien Chan on the 2nd, Lee Ao on the 3rd, Hsu Hsin-liang on the 4th, and Chen Shui-bian on the 5th. The most interesting thing is the academic qualifications and political views under the communique. See? Soong Chu-yu is full below Everyone is full, only me, only Li Ao has only two lines of words: First, graduated from the Department of History, National Taiwan University. As a matter of fact, I went to graduate school in history, but in the middle of it, I scolded the professor and ran away. My political view is called: Erect Taiwan, March into the mainland, Viagra world. This translates into today's language, your language, which is: erect Taiwan, March into the mainland, Viagra world. Why do you use this kind of sentence to express your thoughts? As you can see, the living Chinese language is like this language. Chairman Mao is very good at using it. Therefore, there are some words in his words that we think are indecent to a gentleman, and even in the past Constitution of the People's Republic of China, there was the word "dog". Why is there a "dog" in the Constitution? Because of the US imperialists and their running dogs (US imperialism and its running dogs), there is the word "dog". There are not many laws in the world with the word "dog". However, the language of the people will have this phenomenon. Let me give you this example and tell you that it is really not worth mentioning. In my eyes, Li Ao, to elect a "president", these for me are "erecting Taiwan, marching into the mainland, Viagra world". This is our goal, this is our ambition,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and this is our ambition. Everything else is false. By saying this, I mean to tell everyone that there is no need to be happy or sad about the results of the so-called elections in the Taiwan region today. Because it's a small thing. Why is this a trivial matter? Because in fact, it may not be mature enough to some extent.