Famous Libraries of Common Lisp

[Tags: common-lisp shitpost]

I have been recently thinking about the issues inside Common Lisp library ecosystem. According to Michael Fiano, there is an issue with people who do not contribute to already existing libraries and instead create their own standard libraries that are then pulled around in all of their code. I agree with that issue and consider it serious, but I am also guilty in this case - I committed the same sin with phoe-toolbox.

One of the ideas that emerged in my mind that both terrified me and scared me to no avail at once was that I could simply change the name of my library and boom, suddenly it's canon. After all, I can name it after a famous ancient library, like Alexandria, Cesarum, Serapeum, Pergamum, Constantia already are.

And, you know, the Persian library of Ashurbanipal has a very nice vibe to its name... Or maybe Ebla, from Syria?