Planned Maintenance for 13-08-2021 @ 8:00am PST - Restored

On Friday, August 13th, starting at about 8am PST, we will be upgrading our storage system. This will require the shutting down of specific services to ensure a clean back-up, and then once the upgrade is complete, restoration from said back-up will take a few hours.

The following services will be down:

  • Uploads - Restored
  • Pastes - Restored
  • Email - Restored
  • Git Repos - Restored

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the result will be a much better system.

I will be updating this post with new information as the upgrade proceeds.

- Uncled1023

Update 8/13 6:00am PST - Services have been shut down to ensure backup is complete before shutdown.

Update 8/13 11:00am PST - Upgrade has been completed and restore has begun.

Update 8/13 2:00pm PST - Restore is taking longer than expected. Nothing wrong, just taking a long time.

Update 8/13 8:00pm PST - Expecting Day(s), not Hour(s) for full service restoration. Focusing on Email first.

Update 8/14 8:46am PST - Turned on email. You may see missing older emails until they are copied over. But new ones will come in.

Update 8/14 11:52am PST - Turned on Git. All repositories should be available now

Update 8/14 10:40pm PST - Paste & Email has been restored.

Update 8/23 12:00pm PST - All systems have been restored.