Subscriptions, Premium Accounts, and You

Update - Subscriptions are now Live!

Hello all, some exciting updates!

Firstly, after quite some time of thinking, tinkering, and building, I have implemented a new subscription service to handle Upload Storage upgrades, Email Accounts, and any future premium features.

Reasoning for this change? For one, donations do not cover the costs of the server utilization. Both the increase in storage utilization, and bandwidth. I wanted to create a subscription model that both was affordable, but also covered the server costs without having to remove functionality for free users.

This is the new subscription model going forward: Subscription Information

Upload Limits

5 GB Storage - Free

10 GB Storage - $0.99 / Month

50 GB Storage - $3.99 / Month

100 GB Storage - $5.99 / Month


1 GB Storage - $1.99 / Month

5 GB Storage - $3.99 / Month

As for Premium Accounts, they will be discontinued. All current Premium users will retain their emails, and upload storage limit will become 10 GB, until they subscribe to any of the subscriptions. This will reset the limits for uploads, and enforce the email subscription requirement for an email account.

As of now, Premium Upgrades via donations are no longer accepted, and subscriptions will become available on December 1st, 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message!

- Uncled1023