Virus Scanning and Terms of Service

It's been awhile since I last touched the site in a substantial way, but due to some recent things, decided to implement some new features.

Over the past month, there have been multiple blacklist sites marking as unsafe due to a few uploads that contained viruses. I have contacted these services and should have the blacklistings removed shortly.

Due to this, I have integrated ClamAV virus scanning on file uploads. If it fails, it will cancel the upload. Currently only files that are unencrypted when being sent to the server will be scanned successfully for viruses. If the file is encrypted client side, the encrypted data will be checked. This could create a false positive, but since the key is randomly generated, the next attempt should not be flagged.

Also, I have added a basic terms of service page to better define what is allowed and what is not for the services.

If you have any questions about these additions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Update - 5/9/2016 - Currently doing a back scan on all previous uploads. Once complete and all found issues handled, I will request a rescan by google.

Update 2 - 5/9/2016 - Finished the scan, 46 files were flagged as malware. Removed those uploads and requested a rescan by google.

Update 3 - 5/10/2016 - Google has finished their rescan and confirmed the malware is gone. The notice should be gone from browsers in a couple hours time.