Release v2.0.5.3 - Vaults and Bug Fixes

So in a move to try to be more consistent in the release of new features and code to the live site, we will be doing batch releases of features/bug fixes instead of trickling them to production as they come along.

Thank you all for submitting feature requests and bugs into the issue system, it's made it very easy to track and implement them.

##Release Notes - v2.0.5.3


####Vault - Issue #14

  • Collection of Uploads and Pastes in one view with titles and descriptions available for each item
  • Free to everyone, only editable when created while logged in
  • Embeds Images/Audio/Video while allowing direct download links for all other types
  • Displays highlighted pastes
  • If a paste or upload has been deleted, then they will no longer appear in the vault
  • You can create a Vault in many different ways
    • Go to the main page to start from scratch, and add items based on URLs
    • After creating a paste or uploading files, click 'Create Vault' to create a new vault with the item(s) automatically added
    • If you are logged in, you will be able to add to an existing vault (presented as a dropdown)

To view an example of the new feature, check out this example vault

####Other Enhancements

  • Added delete button to uploads in profile page to easily delete an upload - Issue #47, Issue #22
  • Modified uploads to always generate a deletion link

###Bug Fixes

  • Fixed paste expiration date not being displayed properly in profile - Issue #46
  • Fixed Blog RSS not showing the current Teknik blog posts - Issue #45