Release v2.0.7 - Premium Accounts and Statistics

Release Notes - v2.0.7

New Features

Premium Accounts - View Comparison

  • New level of account that gives additional benefits above free features
  • Current additional features are:
    • Unlimited outbound emails instead of 100/day
    • 5GB email storage instead of 1GB
    • Increased max upload size to 2GB
    • Account will not get deleted due to inactivity (1 year with no data)
  • If you have previously donated over $5 and want to be upgraded to Premium, email with verification of the donation transaction and the account you want upgraded

Site and Server Stats - View

  • Added realtime stats of CPU, Memory, and Network usage
  • Moved Transparency info to the new status page
  • Added Visitor stats from the past 31 days
  • Added Current Months bills/donations progress bar
  • Added auto conversion of Bitcoin donations to USD for displaying

FAQ - View

  • Created new FAQ page to answer some of the more common questions

Other Enhancements

  • Added comparison of account features to the about page
  • Added config options for each account level's upload size limit


  • Removed Canary file as it doesn't really serve it's purpose.
  • Moved 'Blogging' from 'Services' dropdown in navbar to it's own link in the nav and renamed to 'News'
  • Renamed 'Blog' in user's dropdown to 'View Blog'

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exception if no 'Host' header is provided
  • Fixed creating/editing a blog not showing a title
  • Fixed exception if HTML content is passed in public key field during registration