New Dedicated Server - Done!

Hello All!

Teknik will be moving to a dedicated server hosted by our friends at FlokiNET in Romania. This server has a 1Gbps symmetric connection, which is much better than the current setup for Teknik. As well, it is hosted outside the US, and backed by a provider that values privacy.

With this, comes the dreaded migration... I will be performing it in stages. After each stage is complete and verified, the next one will begin. You may see some service interruption during the migration, but hopefully it will be short as possible.

  1. [Done] Transfer Podcast Data
  2. [Done] Transfer Git Service
    • This will require shutting down the git service until all data has been transfered and verified
  3. [Done] Transfer Mail Service
    • This will require shutting down email until the data has been transfered
  4. [Done] Transfer Web mail client
  5. [Done] Transfer Stats System
  6. [Done] Transfer Mumble Service
  7. [Delayed] Transfer IRC Service
  8. [Done] Transfer XMPP Service
  9. [Done] Transfer Upload/Paste data
    • This is the largest move of them all, as it will require moving all of the data at once
    • I will be leaving read only access up for these items as they transfer
  10. [Done] Transfer Database
    • Will require shutting down the entire site
  11. [Done] Transfer Website (IIS)

As each stage is done, I will be marking it complete in this list. Thank you for your support during this migration!

- Uncled1023

Edit: So I realized this was a bad day to make this announcement, haha. To confirm, this is not an April Fools joke.