Changes to Terms of Service and Uploads

Hello All! There are a few changes that have been made that you should be aware of.

Terms of Service Changes

Today we changed the terms of service a little bit. You can view the changes made here.

For the most part, we grouped all the services together since they share the same restrictions and clarified some wording.

Upload Changes

As well, we have implemented a total storage limit per account for uploaded files. This should not affect most of the users except for a few outliers.

The limits are now 10 GB for basic users, and 50 GB for premium users. If you are currently over your respective limit, your files will not be deleted, and you can still view/download the files. However, you will be unable to upload any more files until you are under the limit. You can view your total storage usage here.

This may change in the future as use cases change, or better storage solutions are created.

- Uncled1023